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Decision-Making Group Interaction: Achieving Quality (4th Edition)

Decision-Making Group Interaction: Achieving Quality (4th Edition)

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Formerly entitled "Decision-Making Group Interaction," the new edition of this popular small group book features a new title that reflects the substantial and exciting revision it has undergone. Long known for its unique focus on issuesof quality group interaction, Patton & Downs' book introduces the communication practices, patterns, and circumstances that promote or inhibit group performance. The Fourth Edition includes several new chapters addressing the most recent developments in the field and a wealth of new case studies, in addition to new and expanded information on a variety of issues: multiculturalism and diversity; strategic planning; conflict management; uses of technology in group contexts; ethics; benchmarking and quality assessment processes; and how to present findings of a group project or work team. For anyone interested in small group communication and/or group decision making.