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The Strategic Decision Challenge

The Strategic Decision Challenge

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The Strategic Decision Challenge edited by David Hussey A sound base in analysis and method is a cornerstone to achieving a successful business strategy. With the benefit of hindsight is it possible to see that for decades many organizations have not achieved the degree of success which they sought in their strategic moves. This book seeks to give insights into this important area and to build bridges to other sources of information. The historical evidence for the success and failure of strategic decisions over the last thirty years is examined, along with consideration for why so many strategic moves are subsequently reversed. Possible causes are explored, and a close examination is made of issues of misperceptions of the business environment, poor analysis and lack of creative thinking. Many aspects of improving strategic decisions are also dealt with. A glossary of techniques for strategic analysis is also included. Following on from previous volumes in the series, this book brings together international contributions to identify the third ‘pillar’ of creating a successful business strategy, namely, the strategic decision challenge. The Strategic Decision Challenge is the third volume in the Wiley Series in Contemporary Strategic Concerns. Previously published in the series are The Implementation Challenge and The Innovation Challenge.