Success Programs for Working Women in Business.  Program 6:  Getting Men to Agree...Better Business Decision-Making.

Success Programs for Working Women in Business. Program 6: Getting Men to Agree...Better Business Decision-Making.

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This program is for working women who are fed up with the male dominance in their business or social organization. This is a program for women who want to break into the "good old boy" network for a greater chance at getting promoted and having a voice in the future of their organization. This program outlines the techniques for making more logical and objective business decisions. A female supervisor or "informal leader" who wants to be part of a more logical decision-making process can use this program workbook. Phase I of the workbook sets the tone by explaining that group decision-making will be the focus, however many of the processes can be used for individual decisions. Phase II reviews eight decision-making processes and invites the reader toselect one to use at work. Phase III presents refinements to the processes in phase II where more objectivity and logic are desired in the decision-making process. Examples are brainstorming and how to select the best alternative. Phase IV outlines factors that are present in all business decision-making environments. This includes the political, social, and personality factors. Individual versus team decision-making is reviewed. Phase V presents options for special decision-making. Examples are strategic planning, and quality improvement teams. The appendix contains examples and blank work sheets for decision-making situations.

You are NOT asked to be less feminine, but merely to use provided techniques to influence men to respect your logic and objectivity. Benefits included in the program are: (1) Reviewing a variety of decision-making processes, understanding when each process should be used, and how to apply these processes with the males in the organization. Many of these processes can be used in your personal life, (2) Being able to implement the basic decision-making techniques in a team/group environment. This is because work teams are now a standard work unit in many organizations, (3) Learning how to apply refinements to the basicprocesses where increased objectivity is desired. Examples of these refinements include brainstorming and how to select the best alternative, (4) Knowing how to plan for the different factors in the decision-making environment for more successful finaldecisions, (5) Having a variety of examples and blank forms for easier application of the processes, (6) Having the aid of a support system to assist in the learning process. Step-by-step encouragement is offered at the web site for each phase of the program, and interactive communication with the author is offered in using the techniques with specific males, (7) Building confidence in your new abilities, which should reduce work stress and improve the feeling of "wellness," and (8) Learning these techniques with an easy-to-follow 59 page workbook with "do-it-now" steps and worksheets, in the self-paced privacy of home or office.