Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor

Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor

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In Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor, the Productivity Development Team has created an excellent guide to quickly understanding, identifying, and eliminating shop floor waste. From inventory waste to process-related waste, Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor covers every type of waste generating event, policy, and mindset. The book then gives you tools to effectively eliminate them from your manufacturing processes.

Like all Shopfloor Series books, Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor presents concepts and tools in simple and accessible language. The book includes many illustrations and examples to explain basic concepts and some of the challenges that are encountered when looking for and eliminating waste.

Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor is the ideal compliment to 5S, TPM, and other tools for building a lean manufacturing operation.

Productivity’s Shopfloor Series books offer a simple, cost-effective approach for building basic knowledge about key manufacturing improvement topics.Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor and all our Shopfloor Series books include innovative instructional features that are the signature of the Shopfloor Series. The goal: to place powerful and proven improvement tools in the hands of your entire workforce.

Key learning features include:
· Well-organized, and easy-to-assimilate learning
· Chapter overviews and summaries
· Questions throughout each chapter to help you apply the learning to your own workplace
· Drawings and illustrations
· Margin icons that flag definitions, main points, and other highlights