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The Many Faces of Multi-Level Issues

The Many Faces of Multi-Level Issues

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Hardbound. The Many Faces of Multi-Level Issues is the first volume in the new annual series Research in Multi-Level Issues . The purpose of these annual volumes is to present timely, scholarly work on multiple levels of analysis, especiallymulti-level theory, research, and methods. The focus is on "critical essays" (i.e. critical literature reviews and new model development), purely theoretical work, significant empirical studies, methodological developments, analytical techniques, and philosophical treatments in the field of multi-level studies. The substantive area of focus may be a single discipline or topic, or span a range of disciplines or topics. Some relevant areas include, but are not limited to, organizational behavior, human resources management, organization theory, business policy and strategy, psychology, sociology, education, and political science as well as leadership, decision making, communication and information proc