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Knowledge Management Strategies

Knowledge Management Strategies

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Digital technology is radically increasing the speed at which business is conducted. Ultimately it will transform three major elements of every business: relationships between customers and business partners (commerce), information flow and relationshipsamong workers within a company (knowledge management), and internal business processes (business operations). KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES covers the second of these key business elements by providing IT decision makers with a broad education about the benefits of implementing knowledge management solutions in the enterprise. It also provides case studies of successful knowledge management implementations using Microsoft(r) technologies that offer benefits such as smarter business planning and analysis, faster product design and feedback, more effective project and people tracking, and better employee management, education and training. The book leads the reader through each case study, describes and quantifies its benefits in detail, and provides an evaluation guide to help the reader determine whether the case study and implementation is relevant to his or her own business. It also describes a set of consistent knowledge management business applications and ties them together chapter by chapter. Theend of the book describes how these solutions can be tied together into a comprehensive, enterprise-wide system of digital solutions-what Microsoft calls a Digital Nervous System (DNS).