Privacy for Business: Web Sites and Email

Privacy for Business: Web Sites and Email

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In Brief

A comprehensive primer for businesses dealing with privacy issues, designed to offer a solid foundation in privacy for executives, managers, webmasters, system administrators, and all employees who handle personally identifiable information.

In Depth

These days there are a lot of books for consumers with privacy concerns, but there are very few books about privacy for businesses who must address those concerns. This book changes that. It is written to help businesses deal with the issues surrounding privacy, particularly as they relate to company web sites and email.

The book begins with a well-rounded introduction to privacy issues from a business perspective. Then the established principles of privacy in commerce are reviewed,such as the OECD Guidelines and the Fair Information Practice Principles.

A review of applicable privacy laws comes next, covering U.S. legislation such as HIPAA, COPPA, and G-L-B, plus the European Union’s privacy laws and the U.S. Safe Harborprinciples.

After establishing the basics that every business needs to know about privacy today, the book focuses on privacy challenges specific to business web sites and email, which are often on the front line when privacy questions arise at companies. Questions like:

What should your web site privacy policy be?

Where should it be posted on the web site?

What permissions do you need to send email to customers and potential customers?

Written by Stephen Cobb, the author of more than two dozen information technology books and a renowned privacy and security expert, this book has already been ordered in large quantities by several companies seeking to raise privacy awareness.

Cobb has extensive experience advising some of America’s largest companies on privacy issues and consulting with regulators such at the Federal Trade Commission. He is well-placed to help companies avoid costly privacy breaches. Indeed, the book provides examples of privacy breaches and advice on how to deal with such an incident if it occurs at your company.


Includes sections on privacy laws, privacy lawsuits, and landmark privacy cases, such as Doubleclick, FTC v. Eli Lilly, and FTC v. Microsoft. Covers privacy principles and global privacy issues, as well as the pitfalls of email advertising campaigns.

Follow the advice in this book and you will be well on your way to protecting your business from damaging privacy incidents, while still providing your customers with the personalization and privacy they demand.