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Modern Information Systems for Managers

Modern Information Systems for Managers

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For the first time in one comprehensive presentation, Modern Information Systems for Managers integrates some of the most recent and promising applications and technologies of information systems not found in current texts. Dr. Bidgoli's presentation offers several unique features to prepare future executives for effective utilization of information systems.
The text presents coverage of the popular information systems technology within the context of information systems. Using this approach Bidgoli has investigated all the important issues surrounding design and implementation of information systems including microcomputers, security issues, telecommunications and group support systems.

Key Features
Carefully examines new and futureissues related to successful information systems design
* Gives the reader an understanding of upcoming technologies
* Contains a complete discussion of information systems analysis, design, and implementation
* Presents a comprehensive discussion or organizational, social, and legal impacts of information systems early in the text
* Each chapter contains learning objectives which leave the reader with a measurable goal
* Introduces various software products and their application to both micro and mainframe computers
* Each chapter concludes with 20 to 25 review questions
Practical Applications
Presents numerous information systems applications in functional areas of business including:
* Information systems in manufacturing, marketing, finance, human resource management, and strategic planning
* Internet and global information systems
* Decision support and executive information systems
* Group support systems
* Geographic information systems
* Multimedia and virtual reality
* Artificial intelligence and expert systems