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Managing Web-Enabled Technologies in Organizations: A Global Perspective

Managing Web-Enabled Technologies in Organizations: A Global Perspective

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Technological advancement of the past several decades in computer and telecommunication technologies has had a profound impact upon the fundamental structures of society, and particularly upon organizations. As these technologies have matured and developed, many organizations have been looking into the organizational and managerial changes that can be made that allow the organization to achieve greater utilization of these technologies to improve their competitive postures.

Web-enabled technology has become a serious contender. Many global organizations are looking into emerging web-enabled technologies to make their dispersed operations around the world more efficient and to maintain greater control over their resources. Those organizations that havenot attempted to identify and master the many applications of web-enabled technologies will have serious difficulty competing and surviving.

This book gives you the latest research finding/writings related to the web-enabled technologies utilization and management in organizations throughout the world.