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Knowledge Nirvana

Knowledge Nirvana

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Knowledge Nirvana (R) is about achieving the competitive advantagethrough effective content management and team collaboration. In today's information-based economy, we must utilize the enabling technologies and industry best practices to manage the intellectual capital and processes that form the foundation of every modern enterprise. This book provides you with the guidance necessary to implement a successful set of solutions to achieve the competitive advantage and escalate your organization's cycle ofinnovation. The book is light on the hypothetical and heavy on guidance and lessons learned during real implementations, some successful and others not. It focuses on the hard issues - those that if not overcome will kill your project. The four pillars comprising Knowledge Nirvana are discussed. These are: content (data and information); processes; people (our employees and teams); and the technology that enables us to effectively leverage our assets. The correlation between content, knowledge decay, discovery risk, and records management is explored, as is the fundamental conflict between hoarding and sharing information.

Topics discussed in this book include:

The difference between data, information, and knowledge.

Managing both structuredand unstructured data.

The critical difference between documents and records.

Overcoming discovery risk and knowledge decay.

Managing workgroups and communities of practice.

Prospecting for knowledge in the enterprise.

Effecting employee collaboration.

Solving the great impediment: cultural acceptance.

Automating work processes.

Process improvement and Business Process Reengineering.

Enterprise portal solutions.

Successfully feeding the portal.

Managing web content effectively.

Project planning and methodologies.