E-Management   Work: The Internet and the Office Productivity Revolution

E-Management Work: The Internet and the Office Productivity Revolution

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How can you obtain real productivity results from all this Web technology your company has just purchased ? How can you master the confusing watershed of over-hyped concepts, killer-apps and born-again Pure-play consultants ? This book is the outcome of many discussions with managers dealing with the rise of e-business - at firm and/or team level. Pundits claim that the Web and its applications are poised to trigger a profound workplace revolution. However, most people confuse two related but different issues: - technological revolutions are those ground-breaking scientific or technological achievements that drastically change the tools used to produce a good or service; - productivity (or managerial) revolutions are changes in methods, organization or use of tools which result in vast increases in per capita output. This book shows that the web's real promise lies in a service productivity revolution. It is structured to help the reader in his or her understanding of this three-step transformation: - "business as usual, but faster": basic uses of e-technologies, such as e-mail, Websites, online research and how simple tools can be used effectively to obtain office productivity improvements; - "same business, new channels": opening up of the cybermarkethas created new business channels for communication and distribution to customers. Draw the implications for your business of developments such as e-commerce, marketplaces, Internet marketing and intranets; - "the e-management revolution": welcome to thee-revolution - explore how the Web inventors' dreams lead to a constant flow of new Web based applications and how these might, as they get absorbed by the market, change the face of business as we know it. Michael BALLE, Ph.D., is a management consultant and writer. He has written extensively about industry dynamics and continuous improvement systems. Godefroy BEAUVALLET is currently eGovernement strategy advisor to the French government. He has written about the uses of IT in complex organizations.