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True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution

True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution

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True to Our Roots is the story of one company's progressive and inspiring agenda to change the very nature of the California wine industry. Paul Dolan, the CEO of Fetzer Vineyards, realized in the early 1990s that deep and lasting change was needed in the way grape growers and wine makers used the land and the resources around them. His extraordinary leadership and commitment allowed Fetzer to evolve into a model of "sustainable business," enhancing the lives of employees, boosting the bottom line, and protecting the Earth.

Seizing on Fetzer's success, Dolan leveraged his standing among his peers to encourage others to think and act in a new way, resulting in a new environmental mandate for northern California's wineries. Dolan's revolution is outlined through his six principles of sustainable leadership for any business:

• Your company's culture is determined by the context you create for it
• Your business is part of a much larger system
• True power is livingwhat you know
• The soul of your company is found in the hearts of its people
• You can't predict the future, but you can create it
• There is a way to make an idea's time come

This book provides inspiration and personal guidance for executives and managers attempting to build or maintain modern and healthy organizations. For all readers, True to Our Roots offers both a fascinating glimpse into California's legendary wine industry and the heartening, encouraging outlook that business can do well by doing good.