Big Change at Best Buy: Working Through Hypergrowth to Sustained Excellence

Big Change at Best Buy: Working Through Hypergrowth to Sustained Excellence

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How do you fundamentally change a company that has 33,500 employees and 251 stores? Consumer electronics giant Best Buy went from making less than 1% profit on $7 billion in sales in 1997, to being a company whose stock prices soared 1,000% within a handful of years.

This is the remarkable story of corporate transformation, financial rejuvenation, and radical cultural change, written by the change consultants who were there every step of the way.

Coauthors Elizabeth Gibson and Andy Billings present in detailed, replicable steps their proven strategies and tools that fundamentally altered the behavior at Best Buy, turning cowboy management practices and a high-energy culture fixated on rapid growth into the kind of disciplined, learning-focused operation that now drives Best Buy's phenomenal success.

Best Buy's transformation was the result of a careful methodology that focues on three arenas for human change:

The Head--thinking, or coming to grips with the problem,
The Heart--feeling,or working it through,
The Hands--behaving, or making it real.

Once new behaviors became part of the company's DNA, they were reinforced and maintained with the Change Scorecard (SM), a powerful change technology for evaluating progress, measuring change, and providing developmental feedback.

Both a compelling story and a step-by-step model for real change, this book offers hard-won lessons for every executive, manager, and employee. Learn:

Why change efforts typically fail, and why this one succeeded;
How to overcome employee resistance;
How to turn verbal compliance into actual behavioral change;
How to get others and yourself to think differently;
How to effect change on multiple organizational levels;
How to monitor and measure change;
How to insure long-term transformation and growth.

With this book, Gibson and Billings bring change management out of the realm of theory and into the dramatic world of real people, real problems, real business challenges, and a real success story.