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Creating the Corporate Future : Plan or be Planned For

Creating the Corporate Future : Plan or be Planned For

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Here’s why thousands of readers in business and management turn to Russell Ackoff for innovative and effective ideas: "Russell Ackoff has probably influenced more managers than any other living person.… Two of his books, Scientific Method (1962) and Redesigning the Future (1974), are the cornerstones of much of the theory and methods for systematic analysis of problems in management and planning." —APA Journal "Russell Ackoff is undoubtedly one of the great masters of this art…" [of storytelling as a means of conveying information]. —Omega, The International Journal of Management Science The Art of Problem Solving is… "A witty, literate, and most of all convincing reflection…. He shines an often bright light into corners where problems hide, showing the manager how to understand the consequences of his own behavior; identify real, rather than supposed, elements of problems; perceive another’s aims; determine what is controllable; and deal with other nettlesome factors." —INC.