Trust Me : Developing a Leadership Style People Will Follow

Trust Me : Developing a Leadership Style People Will Follow

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Two leadership experts. Eight powerful principles. One life-changing book.

In recent years the world has been rocked by catastrophic business failures. The problem isn’t so much obsolete factories, backward technology, complicated logistics, or an indifferent workforce. The problem is leaders who don’t follow the principles proven to build success.

In Trust Me: Developing a Leadership Style People Will Follow, two expert business leaders call today’s emerging leaders–including you–back to the basics. They focus on the timeless principles derived from the teaching of the greatest leader of all time. You’ll become a better leader as you rediscover the time-tested, positive principles that will work in any leadership situation–in a major corporation, a small business, a volunteer situation, or a church group…any context in which you are asked to lead.

Following the principles outlined in this book will enable you to develop trust in yourself, trust in other people, and trust within your team. The result: Healthy organizations that grow future leaders.

And it all starts with you.