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Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage : Five Keys to Becoming a More Effective Leader

Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage : Five Keys to Becoming a More Effective Leader

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A recent study by MetrixGlobal LLC discovered that executive coaching produced a 529 percent return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.

Executive coaching is the secret behind many corporations' success stories, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco Systems. For the first time ever, executive coaching expert Dr. Susan J. Bethanis presents an unusual behind-the-scenes look into how executives become better leaders.

Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage enables readers to "listen in" on the confidential conversations between a leader and his executive coach, as the leader learns the lessons necessary to become a corporate sage. Focused on the real-life reflections and struggles of Max Sinclair-a composite of the author's own corporate clients-the book is based on actual coaching conversations with executives. Dr. Bethanis, the story's coach and narrator, offers Max timely questions and insights in a simple, yet ingenious way, showing readers five keys to becoming corporate sages:
* Model effective learning practices, including daily reflection.
* Build relationships to get things done.
* Establish personal and organizational legacies.
* Rely on coaching and mentoring.
* Develop a global perspective and bring it to the organization.

Max transforms from a being a hard-driving, critical executive to a powerful and compassionate leader, exemplifying the type of wise executive that today's successful companies need yet have difficulty cultivating. After reading Leadership Chronicles of a Corporate Sage, readers will understand how to find the corporate sage in themselves and, with this newfound wisdom, will have the tools in handto perform at a higher, more productive level.