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Seven Zones for Leadership: Acting Authentically in Stability and Chaos

Seven Zones for Leadership: Acting Authentically in Stability and Chaos

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As our world changes, so does our understanding of what leadership means. Every day brings a new theme-of-the-day solution. But there are no quick fixes and one leadership style does not fit all. Instead, SEVEN ZONES FOR LEADERSHIP offers a blue-print for placing the needs of any given situation into the context of the world around us and wisely selecting the right strategic actions needed to achieve our goals.

With a panoramic view of the leadership landscape, Robert Terry charts a map of seven interdependent yet different leadership worlds--or zones--that represent everyday challenges executives and managers face and lays out a thoughtful approach to assessing which leadership actions best fit each world. He identifies each zone--from Building CoreCompetencies and Designing Sustainable Systems, to Affirming Shared Identity and Creating Ownership--and demonstrates the power of each zone's core ideas in practice, while exploring the provocative themes of spirituality and authenticity.

For executives looking to define an organization's current condition or managers challenged to lead from the middle, this revolutionary resource offers questionnaires and various assessment tools to help determine where leaders and their organizations are within each zone, how well an organization functions within a zone, and how prepared individuals are to exhibit the leadership required in the situations before them.