DNA Leadership Through Goal-Driven Management

DNA Leadership Through Goal-Driven Management

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"For 21st-century success, you can't afford to remain comforable," says Ball. "Nor can you survive in a reactive mode. To get ahead you have to set goals. You have to have a systematic plan for achieving them. Creating and managing a culture where youmethodically grow the way you want to takes careful, persistent efforts. And, with so much change, leaders need to help people get back to time-proven methods. That's where DNA Leadership fits in. What could be more elegant and dynamic than our own cellstructure or more fundamental than our own DNA?"

DNA Leadership correlates to the biological principles of cell theory and DNA. It provides a control panel leaders can use to motivate individuals to achieve common purposes and objectives. The cells in our bodies are the ultimate expression of teamwork, buy-in, and proactive pursuit of a common mission. Although each cell is highly specialized and self-directed, it must communicate with other cells and do its job flawlessly or the whole system isat risk.

It is the same in business. Only the "cells" we have to work with are not cells of humans, they are humans. The central strategy in DNA Leadership is to integrate everyone into a self-managed, self-directed, self-motivated, and self-improving system-where individuals contribute not because they have to, but because they want to.

"Most people are intelligent, but only some are successful," writes Ball. "And the best-kept secret is that successful organizations and people find and follow methods for everything they do."

The methods in this book get back to disciplined nuts-and-bolts basics in setting goals and in implementing action plans to methodically create the future. Apply a few ideas and you will get immediate results. Studyand apply the concepts completely and you will substantially increase your lifetime accomplishments and the growth and profits of your business.

If you are seeking a better approach for building your company and for pursuing business and personal goals with greater results, here it is.