Leading the Edge of Change : Building Individual and Organizational Capacity for the Evolving Nature of Change

Leading the Edge of Change : Building Individual and Organizational Capacity for the Evolving Nature of Change

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It is about doing more than coping with change. It is about developing the capacity to survive and then thrive during the turbulence of change, which confront us personally, professionally, and as organizations. This is more than a how-to book although it offers 10 tools and worksheets to help individuals, teams and organizations prepare for and excel through change.

 Not just a how-to book, Leading the Edge of Change summarizes key elements of the widely used models of change styles to illustrate personal responses to change.
 It applies the Herrmann Whole Brain Model to lay a framework for teamwork, leadership and communication.
 Through the eyes and experiences of one employee, this book weaves personal experiences of the central characters growth as a leader of tremendous change into topics covering the nature of change, responses to change, building resilience, leadership, teamwork, project and action planning, and communication.
 The book is beautifully packaged with an eye-catching four-color cover.
 A great gift for members of change leadership teams as well as people in organizations targeted for change.

The use of a story line to explain personal and organizational responses to change coupled with the application of tools to help lead and be a part of change make this an informative and practical book.

By telling the story of Maggie, a employee, as she develops and matures in her responsibilities and role of responding to and leading change, Mr. Bennett has made the subject interesting and appealing. He has applied the Herrmann Whole Brain and the Change Style Indicator Models as a way of helping individuals in their response to change. This helps the reading better understand the lead others.

We also like the useful worksheets, tools, and an extensive resource list enable understanding, application and further learning.

Included, you will find more than 10 worksheets and tools to support individuals, teams and large scale organizational change.