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How To Turn Your Company's Parables Into Profit

How To Turn Your Company's Parables Into Profit

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He's at it again. The out-of-the-box author of Managing by Storying Around has landed feet first with a fistful of brand-new stories about managing Armstrong International, a family-owned giant with locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Far East.No dusty policy manuals or corporate complexities here. Armstrong disarms the thorniest of management problems with a simple story. And then, with cruise missile accuracy, drives the point home with an easy-to-apply moral.

Here are 100 new stories spanning a wide range of topics. They're as relevant to accountants and bankers as they are to restaurant owners and salespeople. Personal involvement is why these stories can be personally involving for anyone who reads them. Armstrong's motto could be: "Ifyou want to start something, tell a story."