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Wisdom of the CEO: 29 Global Leaders Tackle Today's Most Pressing Challenges

Wisdom of the CEO: 29 Global Leaders Tackle Today's Most Pressing Challenges

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How Will Yahoo! Stay on Top in the Twenty-First Century? Sony? DuPont? Why Not Ask Their CEOs? Wisdom of the CEO introduces you to 29 visionaries who are actively changing today’s business paradigm. These top global business leaders explain how theyare confronting the eight key issues driving business today—Globalization, Growth, Shareholder Value, Innovation, E-Business, Disruptive Technology, Organization, and Knowledge Management—and give you valuable guidance for maintaining and strengthening your own company’s market share. Listen to the voices of experience as they discuss hot-button issues including:
  • The Internet—How will e-commerce change customer demands and expectations? K. Blake Darcy, CEO of online trading powerhouse DLJdirect, explains the new rules.
  • Shareholder Value—Can a leader focus all of a company’s strategic efforts on shareholder value? Sir Brian Pitman explains how managers throughout the Lloyds organization—acting as value-creationstrategists—are helping him to do just that.
  • Disruptive Technology—Can established companies exploit disruptive technologies as effectively as their start-up competitors? CEO Roger G. Ackerman reveals how Corning can—and does.
PricewaterhouseCoopers is renowned for its commitment to helping world-class companies make better business decisions and hone their competitive strategies. With Wisdom of the CEO, Dauphinais, Means, and Price assemble an impressive, unprecedented gathering oftoday’s leading business minds to discuss the trends that are propelling global business into the twenty-first century—and how they are positioning their companies to take full advantage of those trends.