Leadership Is Common Sense

Leadership Is Common Sense

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Destined to become a classic, this unique book by Herman Cain, CEO and co-owner of Godfather's Pizza, demystifies the leadership process and shows readers how to develop effective leadership skills.

In Leadership is Common Sense, Herman Cain forges, with infectious enthusiasm, an American Dream story of his extraordinary rise from humble beginnings to his days climbing the corporate ladder at Pillsbury, Burger King and finally Godfather's Pizza--where he led the management buyout of the company and miraculously turned it from financial decline.

In addition to an in-depth analysis of the transformation of Godfather's Pizza, Cain critiques the leadership styles of a wide range of past and present leaders, from civil rights activists to U.S. Presidents to corporate entrepreneurs to personal heroes.|Herman Cain discusses his Three Plus Three leadership...

Three Critical Qualities a Leader Must Possess * Ability to recognize that people must motivate themselves. * Ability to take risks and make the tough decisions. * Ability to block out the unnecessary and concentrate on the necessary.

Three Critical Things a Leader Must Do * Remove barriers which prevent people from being self-motivated. * Lead people to achieve the desired results. * Inspire passion within people to perform better than expected.