Dream, Dare, Learn, Lead: A Guide for Tomorrow's Leaders

Dream, Dare, Learn, Lead: A Guide for Tomorrow's Leaders

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For all who want to live the life they've dreamed of.

For exceptional students who want continued success after graduation.

For people on their first job who want to live not just work.

For any young person pulled toward becoming a leader.

This is the ultimate how-to book for young leaders and leaders to be. A friendly mentor in print who will inspire, advise and motivate you to superb leadership.

    This book will help you:

    DREAM big, to think what the world could be for you and other people; create a team to pursue what you and others want and need.

    DARE to take that difficult first step in the direction of your dreams, explode past the start and keep building momentum until you reach success.

    LEARN all you can about the world so you can be an exceptional leader; focus on the information that can benefit you and your team the most.

    LEAD the people around you to sustained excellence; enjoy the rewards of making your dream come true.

From preparing you to lead to handling the challenges of daily leadership, you will learn how to accelerate your career and live a life of purpose and service.