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Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons

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Leadership Lessons presents a series of object lessons on sound public affairs leadership drawn from the life of one person--Gregory R. Anrig, who died in 1993 after a forty-year career in education and public affairs. It is an antidote to the state of mind and the perceptions and beliefs that produce the thinking that government does as much harm as good. Anrig was a school teacher, principal, superintendent, manager, leader and statesman. While not a high profile personage on the national stage, he clearly had an important part to play in issues of great historical consequence. He worked at the federal level on the frontier of civil rights compliance in the 60's, and in the 70's he exerted ground breaking education leadership in Massachusetts at a timeof profound social crisis. His career closed with the reinvigoration of the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey which is the world's largest educational testing organization. In these roles he displayed a caliber of statesmanship in the public forum and a brand of organizational stewardship that deserves to be noticed. He exhibited the right values and the right skills at the right time.