Campbell Leadership Descriptor, Facilitator's Guide Package (J-B CCL (Center for Creative Leadership))

Campbell Leadership Descriptor, Facilitator's Guide Package (J-B CCL (Center for Creative Leadership))

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Before you can help others develop their leadership skills and abilities, you must first help them to recognize strengths and identify areas in which they need to improve. The Campbell Leadership Descriptor was developed to achieve just that. Designed specifically for use in those situations where comprehensive analysis of leadership characteristics is useful--such as leadership development seminars, classroom discussions, and one-on-one coaching--The Campbell Leadership Descriptor providesa personalized assessment with a minimum of administrative complexity.

The Facilitator's Guide Package includes the detailed information you need to prepare for and conduct a leadership workshop for a group of any size:

  • Instructions for scoring the Descriptor and interpreting the scores
  • A useful sample of a completed Descriptor
  • Handy guidelines to help you prepare for a workshop
  • A step-by-step "script" you can follow to conduct the workshop
  • Master copies of overhead transparencies and flip-chart pages
  • Illustrative case studies, a list of recommended books, and much more!

    The Facilitator's Guide Package includes one Facilitator Guide and one Participants Package .

    "I have used the Campbell Leadership Descriptor with managers from most of the Western European countries. It helps to focus participants on their own leadership behavior, and to identify areas for development. In subsequent classroom discussions, they get suggestions from others in developing their own actin plans. The CLD has worked well for this purpose."
    --Elizabeth Weldon, professor of organizational behavior, International Institute for Managerial Development, Lausanne, Switzerland

    "The Campbell Leadership Descriptor was a critical component in the formulation of personal leadership development plans for our chief staff officers and executive directors. By identifying the characteristics for successful leadership, ourparticipants were motivated to begin a journey of self-reflection and analysis of their own leadership strengths and shortcomings. The diagnostic tool set the stage to further leverage strengths and improve upon weaknesses."
    --Elfego Gomez III, national director of training and development, Junior Achievement, Inc.

    For additional descriptors, please phone Customer Care at 800-274.4434.