Stop Managing and Start Leading

Stop Managing and Start Leading

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Stop Managing And Start Leading answers the following questions:

"Why do employees not feel empowered, despite efforts by companies to instill this philosophy?"

"What is the leading cause of employees not feeling empowered and how can this be changed to improve productivity?"

These questions are REAL; widespread efforts to implement a business philosophy of empowerment in a company's workforce fail because companies have not changed the role of the "middle manager." Middle managers cling to their traditional paradigm of making all decisions, taking credit for meeting department goals, dictating work schedules, etc. Empowerment has no meaning to the average employee?it is only rhetoric.

For empowerment to be successful, companies must move middle mangers out of their traditional roles and into new roles of middle leadership to foster growth through increased customer satisfaction and development of intellectual capital. Intellectual capital is the employee who, when empowered, will produce extraordinary results and provide fuel for future growth.

Read this book and understand why employees are crying out for strong leadership, not strong management.