Powerful Professionals: Getting Your Expertise Used Inside Your Organization

Powerful Professionals: Getting Your Expertise Used Inside Your Organization

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Powerful Professionals addresses the dramatic shift in the role of professionals working inside organizations. The authors present a modern model to revolutionize professionals' view of themselves and their way of working. To get into a more powerful frame of mind, they encourage professionals and professional groups to think of themselves as an internal consulting business, offering skills and services inside their organization. This entails re-evaluating themselves--thinking of themselves as internal consultants delivering their expertise to internal customers or clients. Used effectively, the skills and models of this book will ensure professionals get their expertise used and valued within their organizations.

This book is written for professionals such as project managers, engineers, systems analysts, financial professionals, human resource professionals--anyone whose expert services are used by an organization but who do not have direct control. It is a 'how-to' book full of checklists, assessments, models, examples, worksheets, etc. specifically tailored to assist professionals establish more powerful and influential roles.

Powerful Professionals contains field-tested skills based on over 700 workshops worldwide with over 9,500 professionals and a database of over 50,000 client feedback surveys on what is valued by the users of internal professional services.

This book is designed to help all internal professionals develop powerful professional roles--to become more effective deliverers of expertise to their internal clients and external customers. Professional experts are well trained in their technological fields, but generally woefully untrained and unskilled in delivery of that expertise to their organization. This book does notteach technical skills, rather it presents the skills that transcend any brand of expertise--processes for successful delivery of professional expertise. Organizations need these skills to succeed. Professionals need these skills to enhance their own work satisfaction.

We know of what we speak. We have experience working with over 7,500 white collar professionals in hundreds of organizations worldwide. We have amassed the largest survey database of its kind in the world on what internal customers view as high performance from such professionals as engineers, scientists, systems analysts, finance and human resource professionals--to name but a few.