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Managing Technology and Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Managing Technology and Innovation for Competitive Advantage

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This is the first book to provide an integrated, strategic view of management of technology. Focusing on both theory and practice, it addresses the contemporary challenges general managers face today - e.g., globalization, time compression, technology integration - and explores several strategic approaches for dealing with them, from both a managerial and economic viewpoint. Several integrative themes - T-M matrix, environmental drivers, process of decision making, competitive vs collaborative approaches, and value creation - are followed throughout. Technology Environment; Processes Of Technology Change: Innovation And Diffusion; Technology And Competition; Process Innovation, Value Chains And Organization; Technology Intelligence; Technology Strategy: Collaborative Mode; Appropriation Of Technology; Deployment In New Products; Deployment Of Technology In The Value Chain; Organizing For Innovation; Intellectual Property Strategy; Project Valuation And Financing. For Chief Technology Officers; Directors of Technology, R&D, Product Development, Operations; Chief Information Officers.