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Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management

Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management

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Maintenance is a unique business process. To be successfully managed, it requires an approach different from other business processes. Unlike any other reference in its field, Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management provides aframework for managing maintenance with options that allow decision makers to select the most successful ways to manage their businesses.

In a concise and easy-to-use format, this book provides users with all the necessary tools and information needed to properly benchmark their maintenance function. A thorough revision of the author’s best selling World Class Maintenance Management, it presents a logical, step-by-step methodology for conducting a cost-effective benchmarking effort. It is certain to be an invaluable resource for maintenance managers, plant engineers, operations managers and plant managers.

Distinctive Features

  • Provides a clear, concise benchmarking methodology.
  • Clearly explains and interprets the most current maintenance benchmarks.
  • Contains a benchmarking database from more than 100 companies.
  • Features current maintenance/asset management philosophies.
  • Includes a new chapter on benchmarking theory.
  • Offers more information on self-analysis.
2-nd edition.