Engineering Documentation Control Handbook : Configuration Management for Industry

Engineering Documentation Control Handbook : Configuration Management for Industry

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Control of engineering documentation, sometimes called Configuration Management (CM) especially in the defense industries, is critical to world-class manufacturing survival. This new Second Edition of a highly successful engineering documentation handbook is one of the best blueprints for constructive, efficient EDC/CM ever published.

Use the ENGINEERING DOCUMENTATION CONTROL HANDBOOK to get on track right away and make the release of new products and their documentation flow smoothly and easily. The book is packed with specific methods that can be applied quickly and accurately to almost any industry and any product to control documentation, request changes to the product, make those changes and develop bills of material. The result is a powerful communications bridge between engineering and "the rest of the world" that makes rapid changes in products and documentation possible. With the help of the simple techniques in the HANDBOOK, companies can gain and hold their competitive advantages in a world that demands flexibility and quick reflexes -- and has no sympathy for delays.

The new edition contains substantial additions worked into the book and several new chapters. However, the thrust of the book retains the same focus on basics, rules and reasons. The author emphasizes that EDC or CM must be recognized as a key business strategy, and the days of "throwing it over the wall" are gone forever.

Key Features:

- Expanded case studies and actual experiences with consulting clients have been added

- New chapter on Benchmarking/Surveys contains real-life results of several surveys conducted and analyzed by the author that allow you to compare your enterprise with those surveyed

- Interchangeability and change cost sections have been substantially expanded and given separate chapters in recognition of their critical importance in the EDC strategy