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Competency-Based Human Resource Management

Competency-Based Human Resource Management

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Force-fitting employees into a "job box" shortchanges both the employees and the organization, according to David Dubois and William Rothwell. The more effective method is to fit employee talents to the work that must be accomplished.
Competency-Based Human Resource Management describes how to reinvent the human resource department so that job competencies - rather than job descriptions -become the foundation for all HR efforts.

The authors show HR professionals how to identify the key competencies that distinguish best-in-class performers - or "exemplars" - from average performers and use them as the basis for all HR functions, including planning, recruiting and selecting, training, and performance development. This new model of performance management unleashes the power of exemplary performers across all job categories, resulting in enhanced employee satisfaction and significant gains in productivity.

Competency-Based Human Resource Management provides a wide variety of planning tools, checklists, worksheets, and other practical aids to help HR professionals make the transition from a work-based environment to a competency-based foundation for human resource management.