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Category Management: Positioning Your Organization to Win

Category Management: Positioning Your Organization to Win

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Published with the world's leading marketing authority, Nielson Marketing Research, this landmark book explains an important new marketing concept--category management. The book leads readers through the process of setting up and implementing a category management strategy, using examples and illustrations that are the result of solid research. "This book is a confirmation of our experience with category management. As the book suggests, and based on our own experience, we are more consumer focused. Being more consumer focused means we are better able to follow market developments and share more useful information with our suppiers to mutual benefit." -- J.G. Bruijniks Albert Heijn b.v. "Category management is an essential component of doing businessin the 90s. Nielson's Category Management Book gave our members a blueprint to better understand these issues." -- Richard Cooper United Dairy Industry Association "Category management is not another new buzz word, nor is it something that is just nice to do for business. Rather, it is a strategic imperative if you plan to remain in business. This book is the first step in beginning the process." -- Fred J. Lewis The Quaker Oats Company