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Organizational Behavior with Student CD and PowerWeb

Organizational Behavior with Student CD and PowerWeb

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The Fifth Edition of Organizational Behavior targets undergraduates and MBA programs and is the most current text on the market.

Kreitner and Kinicki's approach to organizational behavior is based on the authors' belief that reading a comprehensive textbook is hard work, but that the process should be interesting (and sometimes fun). Thus, they consistently attempt to find a way to make complex ideas understandable through explanations, contemporary examples, and/or learning exercises.

Wolves remain as a central theme because Kreitner and Kinicki see wolves as an instructive and inspiring metaphor for modern Organizational Behavior. Wolves are dedicated team players, great communicators, and adaptable. These are key success attributes in today's workplace.

Kreitner and Kinicki is user driven; the authors have made extensive improvements to the text, based on reviewer and adopter feedback, as well as their own experiences teaching from the text.