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Business Process Improvement Toolbox

Business Process Improvement Toolbox

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What sets this book apart from others that explain individual improvement tools is the sequential organization and the integrated explanation for applying the tools. Using an overall process improvement framework the author groups the tools into a total approach, thereby helping you know when to use each tool and for what purpose. Every single tool includes an example of its use along with ready-to-use templates for matrices, forms, and charts so you can start using the tools right away. Business ProcessImprovement Toolbox starts by explaining all overall process improvement framework, presents the tools in sequence for this framework, and then concludes with one over-arching case demonstrating the use of all the tools in a concerted effort. As a result, you'll learn how tools fit together and how they can be used in a coherent process improvement system. The author focuses on providing clear, step-by-step instructions and describes an improvement process that can be used in real life.