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Presentations That Persuade and Motivate

Presentations That Persuade and Motivate

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Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver better results faster than the competition. But meeting today's tough challenges requires complete mastery of a full array of management skills, from communicating and coaching to public speaking and managing people. The Results-Driven Manager series is designed to help time-pressed managers hone and polish the skills they need most. Concise, action-oriented, and packed with invaluable strategies and tools, these timely guides will help managers improve their job performance today-and give them the edge they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

"Presentations That Persuade and Motivate":
  • Overcome "stage fright";
  • Know your audience and customize your message;
  • Read and react to your audience's body language;
  • Tackle the tough questions;
  • Deliver memorable closings audiences will act on.