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Project Management for the 21st Century

Project Management for the 21st Century

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Project Management for the 21st Century, Second Edition focuses on proven methods and lessons learned for dealing with projects in many different industries and settings. It addresses issues of organization, process, and technology, and explores how modern technology tools such as the Internet and World Wide Web can support effective project management and project success. The authors, successful managers and consultants to companies and agencies in more than 15 industries, developed the materialsin this book over six years of teaching and advising.
The Second Edition addresses the current trends in collaborative project management, group resource deconflicting and allocation, and information sharing. It expands the guidelines and the use of modern technology, and spends more time on project analysis and costing and issue management. There are two new chapters in the Second Edition: "Collaborative Scheduling" and "Project Management Using the Internet."

Key Features
* Explores how touse collaborative and team project management as well as information sharing and access for improved project productivity
* Recommends how to use the Internet, World Wide Web, intranets, database management systems, project management software and other technologies to improve project management effectiveness
* Includes managerial, technical, and behavioral aspects of project management
* Provides specific advice for dealing with more than 100 commonly encountered problems
* Addresses projects, programs, and products of all sizes
* Contains real life experiences
* Explains how to effectively manage project issues and opportunities
* Describes how to prevent project failure and resolve crises
* Serves as a practical guide for setting up and managing projects with minimal hassle and overhead
* Features a down-to-earth, common sense writing style