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Managing Multimedia: Project Management for Interactive Media, Second Edition

Managing Multimedia: Project Management for Interactive Media, Second Edition

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Are you are a designer, producer or programmer struggling with the pressures of multimedia project management? Are you a client commissioning a web site or CD-ROM and don't know what that entails? Is your project fast spiralling out of control while whole areas of the business remain a mystery? Then this second edition of Managing Multimedia will relieve the pressure, providing more practical advice and insiders' tips to help you deliver a high-quality project in time and within budget.

New to this Edition
* thoroughly updated to reflect trend towards on-line project development
* coverage of marketing and distribution concepts
* identifies future trends and directions
* The accompanying CD-ROM adds colour, sound and movement to complement aspects of the text and is designed in cross-platform HTML for easy customisation.

Key Features
* includes management guidelines for each stage of the multimedia project life cycle from initiation to completion
* defines the project managers responsibilities at each stage of the project life cycle. These checklists build into an overall job description or role model
* pinpoints all the recognised problem areas and offers practical solutions based on the Authors own extensive experience
* provides task-related exercises to help you build a customised set of multimedia management guidelines to fit your own project requirements