The Super Supervisor

The Super Supervisor

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"Winning the hearts and minds of your workers and other’s in your world"

The Super Supervisor Book, with over 200,000 users has become required reading for all supervisors in many of the top companies. By teaching how win the hearts and minds of their workers, Super Supervisors know how to tap the full potential of their employees.

An ordinary supervisor is a boss. A Super Supervisor is a leader. People avoid bosses, they follow leaders.

·The "Gap" between the employee and management

·The two statements supervisors make on the job everyday before you have said a word. (Attitude and Appearance)

·Using the 7 C’s (Courtesy, Concern, Compassion, Consideration, Consistency Control, and Caring).

·The 3 R’s of motivation (respect, recognition, re-enforcement).

·The 3 V’s of good employee/supervisor relationships (viable, vocal, visible)

·The 2 A’s of good coaching (being approachable and available)

·Discipline. Correcting without condemning.

This program will make leaders out of supervisors. It will make those who already are leaders become more effective leaders. It is down to earth, practical and entertaining. The principles learned here will improve your business relationships and personal relationships as well.