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All the Right Moves: A Guide to Crafting Breakthrough Strategy

All the Right Moves: A Guide to Crafting Breakthrough Strategy

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In All the Right Moves, author Constantinos Markides argues that business strategy is all about making difficult choices: Who will be your target customers? What will you offer them? How will you do it? The goal for every company should be to answer these questions differently from its competitors-and thus stake out a unique strategic position. With this highly practical handbook to the fundamentals of strategy, Markides helps managers zero in on the important choices that lie at the heart of all innovative strategies.

More importantly, Markides argues that even the best of strategies have a limited life. Companies must therefore continually search for new strategic positions to colonize, a task which many established companies find difficult if not impossible. Markides explains how to overcome the obstacles to innovation so that even firmly established companies can innovate by breaking the rules of the game.

Markides reveals that strategic thinking should be approached as a creative process, examining an issue from a variety of angles is often more productive than gathering data, and experimenting with new ideas can be more effective than much scientific analysis. All the Right Moves shows how creative thinking leads to strategic innovation-the "breakthroughs" that can separate winning strategists from also-rans. Markides poses key questions for readers to ask as he guides them through a step-by-step framework for developing their strategic thinking skills.

In a refreshingly clear and practical approach, All the Right Moves offers concrete advice for thinking through the tough choices that all business strategists must face. It distills the important elements of strategy into an easy-to-follow system for crafting today's breakthrough business strategies.