Facilities Maintenance Management

Facilities Maintenance Management

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Provocative -- instructive -- you'll benefit from hundreds of better ideas for planning and managing maintenance functions in your organization.

If you were to limit yourself to reading just one professional book this year, let us tell you why it deserves to be Gregory Magee's Facilities Maintenance Management.

One glance through this comprehensive reference is all that's needed to prove that you've found the help you've always wanted -- but never had until now.

This book explains and demonstrates successful management techniques for all aspects of maintenance, repair and improvements for buildings, machinery, equipment and grounds.

It gives you ideas for organizing your department, staffing it, estimating and budgeting for it, schedulingand controlling work, making it more efficient and bolstering the importance of your role in the organization.

What's more, it helps you manage the selection of outside professional services including architects, design firms, engineering consultants, technical and general maintenance service companies.

No matter what your need or problem, you're sure to find powerful help and direction for solving it in this authoritative book -- written by a professional who's conquered every kind of challenge.

Facilities Maintenance Management includes ready-to-use forms, checklists, and prototype formats for controlling every segment of maintenance.

* personnel evaluation form
* prototype daily reports
* unit cost estimating forms
* inventory control form
* productivity analysis formats
* format for historical cost data
* equipment and machinery service history form
* prototype maintenance schedules
* cost comparison formulas
* inspection report forms
* prototype organization charts
* buildings and grounds maintenance checklist
* facilities inspection checklist
* prototype maintenance service requests
* prototype preventive maintenance schedule
* man-hour report form
* trouble-shooting checklists with notes and many more.