The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool: Participant Workbook

The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool: Participant Workbook

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Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management

As a tool for clarifying the thinking of volunteer boards, the Drucker Self-Assessment Tool is unparalleled. This is a real way to develop a language, get to the critical issues, and move on--the most practical and efficient method I have seen. As facilitator of over 175 retreats, it is the best thing I've used--and I appreciate the enhancements and improvements!

--Peggy Outon, board chair, National Alliance for Nonprofit Management

The Drucker Foundation's Self-Assessment Tool has made a lot of changes in the way we do business. . . . The workbook was a good beginning. The interactions and 'homework reports' on flip-chart paper were a vital part of this learning process.

--Sue H. Brown, executive director, Senior Centers of Spartanburg County, Inc.

The results far surpassed our expectations. The Drucker Process literally revitalized the organization. The board members have rallied around a new mission statement, taken on a variety of tasks, and designed new programs, which are very realistic.

--Beth S. Cole, former executive director, American Academy of Home Care Physicians

For over fifty years, Peter F. Drucker has shared his wisdom with organizations in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool puts his invaluable management experience into your hands—and gives you the means to rediscover the mission and potential of your nonprofit organization. Originally published in 1993, the best-selling Self-Assessment Tool has helped and inspired nonprofit boards, executives, and teams to apply Drucker's insights to their organizations' needs. Based on extensive user feedback and research, the new and improved Participant Workbook has been streamlined for greater flexibility and focus.

The revised Participant Workbook presents Peter Drucker's Five Most Important Questions and fully updated worksheets. There is no right way to use this tool: you make it yourown. Its clear directions and straightforward method make it easy to implement with groups of any size, management level, or planning experience. By the And of the self-assessment process, participants will not only have a stronger understanding of theirmission, values, and customers, but also an effective plan to apply what they learned.

Multiple Uses for the Self-Assessment Tool

? The leadership team--the chairman of the board and the chief executive--can lead the organization in conducting a comprehensive self-assessment, refining mission, goals, and results, and developing a working plan of action.

? Teams throughout the organization can use the Tool to invigorate projects, tailoring the process to focus on specific areas as needed.

? Governing boards can use the Tool in orientation for new members, as means to deepen thinking during retreats, and to develop clarity on mission and goals.

? Universities and colleges can use the Tool as a guide for field projects with organizations from the nonprofit, business, and government sectors, and as a resource for boards and faculty.

? Working groups from collaborating organizations can use the Tool to define common purpose and to develop clear goals, programs, and plans.