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The Enneagram for Managers: Nine Different Perspectives on Managing People

The Enneagram for Managers: Nine Different Perspectives on Managing People

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Success greatly depends on the ability to understand the motivation behind our own behavior and that of others. This book presents a method of developing this ability. It has proved helpful to the hundreds of managers and professional people with whom the author has worked as a management consultant. In gaining better insight into human behavior, the achievement of success and satisfaction in our work and in life in general can acquire greater meaning. The enneagram is a proven personality typology thatdescribes nine different personality types. The theory of the enneagram is that each person belongs to one of these nine types. Each type employs a specific strategy for success, which however also has its drawbacks. The enneagram is applied in a varietyof ways in management, for instance in team-building, coaching, management development and organizational change. This book provides an introduction to the enneagram and its potential for application within the daily practice of managers and professionals. The first part of the book gives an overview of each individual type, showing how the enneagram works. In addition to a brief description of a type, there are also tips on how to deal with people of that type, and suggestions for the further personal development of the type in question. The second section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about the enneagram, drawn from actual examples from international managers. This information covers questions concerning the theory behind the enneagram, possible applications in management, organizational culture in connection with the enneagram, commercial uses of the enneagram and how the enneagram can support personal growth and development. The book not only helps to provide insight intohuman behavior within organizations, it is above all an encouragement to all those who wish to gain deeper knowledge about themselves and about the motivation for human behavior.