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The Global Public Management Revolution : A Report on the Transformation of Governance

The Global Public Management Revolution : A Report on the Transformation of Governance

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Since the 1980s, a reform movement in public management has spread around the world. Many diverse nations-among them New Zealand, the United States, South Africa, and Canada -have taken up the reform agenda in a very short period of time, and it is remarkable that their basic strategies have been so similar. This reform movement has shared a common set of six core characteristics: productivity-finding ways to squeeze more services from the same-or smaller-revenue base; marketization-replacing traditionalbureaucratic mechanisms with market strategies; service orientation-putting citizens-as-service-recipients first; decentralization-transferring more service-delivery responsibilities to local governments and to front-line managers; policy-explicitly separating government's role as purchaser of services from its role in providing them; and accountability for results-focusing more on outputs and outcomes instead of processes and structures.

Management Reform for the 21st Century offers a close analysis of the political, social, economic, and institutional forces that have prompted governments world-wide to aggressively pursue such similar strategies at the same time. The report examines the basic models of reform-especially in the United States and New Zealand-along with the standard strategies and tactics behind them. These tools shape important problems of governance and raise profound implications for it in the twenty-first century. An Action Report on Public Service