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Breakthrough Creativity: Achieving Top Performance Using the Eight Creative Talents

Breakthrough Creativity: Achieving Top Performance Using the Eight Creative Talents

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Our constantly turbulent world raises the bar for personal contributions in the workplace repeatedly. Everyone is asked to be more creative, to think and do things differently to achieve extraordinary results for their organizations and themselves. Despite this need and all this attention, too many people either don't see themselves as creative, don't know how to be effectively creative, or don't know what to do to keep their creative edge. BREAKTHROUGH CREATIVITY provides definitive answers to the creativity dilemma and offers new groundbreaking perspectives on creativity.

Lynne Levesque shows that creativity, like intelligence, exists in a variety of forms and demonstrates that high-performance organizations need to make use of creativity in all its dimensions. She defines creativity as the ability to consistently produce different and valuable results. This point of view provides a valuable perspective on creativity, because to effectively create you need to have the ability to generate ideas and implement them. This new perspective and definition focus on effective creativity: creativity that translates ideas into action. It breaks down the monolithic approach to creativity: one size does not fit all. There is no one best way to be creative.

On the basis of her research in personality, innovation, and creativity, as well as her experience helping top executives achieve their full potential, Levesque describes eight distinct creative talents. People of each talent have a unique way of looking at challenges, collecting data, and generating creative solutions. BREAKTHROUGH CREATIVITY describes in individual chapters how each talent works, how each contributes to the creative process, and how each can improve decision making, team building, and strategic planning and thinking.

Levesque explains that an environment where employee talents are recognized and nurtured benefits the organization in a variety of ways. It not only improves retention rates, but also promotes employee satisfaction--both of which are major contributors to the bottom-line of any organization.