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Chronicles of the Crusades

Chronicles of the Crusades

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In 1095, Pope Urban II unleashed legions of princes, knights and followers who, with shouts of “God wills it,” descended upon the Arab world in an attempt to take control of its lands and dominate its ancient and sophisticated civilization; five hundred years of conflict were to follow. Chronicles of the Crusades recreates the glorious victories and the crushing defeats on both sides of the conflict, through eyewitness accounts of the traumatic clashes between the two faiths. Readers will find the words of legendary figures such as Stephen, count of Blois and son-in-law of William the Conqueror; the French knights Geoffrey of Villehardouin and John of Joinville; Anna Comnena, daughter of the Byzantine emperor Alexius I; Saladin’s secretaryImad ad-Din; and many, many more¯over 125,000 words of some of the most illustrious participants of the Crusades on either side, translated into modern English, relate the crucial events of the Crusades as they happened. Supportive texts and essays written by a team of leading authorities and lavish illustrations help provide insights into the social, political and artistic background of the Christian and Islamic worlds during the Crusades.