House Management: A Guide for Greek Chapter Houses

House Management: A Guide for Greek Chapter Houses

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This is the Second Edition of House Management: A Guide for Greek Chapter Houses. It is a "how-to" manual for managing Greek fraternity and sorority houses. With its checklists, forms, and guidance, this book has saved many a house director from "house opening and closing" disasters. It has given people the direction and confidence to tackle difficult employee situations, and brought awareness, organization, and professional suaveness to both neophytes and experienced house "moms."

Since the First Edition, Chapter house management has emerged as a bona fide profession and is an integral component of any chapter’s success. This Second Edition provides a comprehensive, updated resource for college and university administrators, house corporation boards, chapter officers, and professional house directors. Several new topics have been added, along with additional resources, websites, and reproducible forms.

House Management: A Guide for Greek Chapter Houses is your one-stop resource for managinga fraternity or sorority house. The Guide contains helpful information on all facets of house management. Chapters include—

• The Greek System
• Chapter House Management
• Administration
• Personnel Management
• Food Service Management
• Housekeeping
• Health and Environmental Safety
• Managing Finances

You’ll also find more than 100 forms, checklists, sample menus, and other aids to help simplify the demanding job of managing a chapter house.