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Human Error Reduction and Safety Management (Industrial Health & Safety)

Human Error Reduction and Safety Management (Industrial Health & Safety)

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Human Error Reduction and Safety Management Dan Petersen Now in an expanded and updated Third Edition, Human Error Reduction and Safety Management illustrates how managers, by controlling the physical and psychological situations under which workers operate, can modify employees? behavior in such a way as to reduce error, accidents, and consequently on-the-job injuries and illnesses. While retaining the previous editions? focus on the role of line management in maximizing safety in the workplace, the book also details the role that upper and middle management must play in implementing programs that can reduce system-caused human error. The Third Edition contains a wealth of new, updated, and expanded information that incorporates Dan Petersen?s comprehensive knowledge and innovative theories, including
  • A revised model of accident causation that exemplifies the processes and procedures of today?s safety technology
  • Expanded treatment of the managerial sources of error
  • A newchapter on the ways in which the "culture" of an organization determines what methods will and will not succeed
  • A discussion of ergonomics ? how design causes error and cumulative trauma disorders
  • Insight into how to reduce psychological overload on the job
  • New material on risk assessment techniques
An original, multidisciplinary approach to workplace safety that integrates safety management, business management, psychology, and ergonomics, the Third Edition of Human Error Reduction andSafety Management is required reading for every safety manager, safety and health professional, and quality and risk control manager.