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Get Peak Performance Every Day: Behavior Mod for Managers

Get Peak Performance Every Day: Behavior Mod for Managers

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When people are poorly managed, work is hell, employees burn out, and productivity plunges. Managers always have powerful corrective tools at hand but may not be aware of their power or how to use them effectively. Get Peak Performance Every Day explainshow to use scientific principles drawn from social learning theory to manage people effectively, emphasizing careful observation and non-confrontational critiques. Beverly Potter covers such strategies as reinforcement and reward, which require surprising skill; making the work itself a motivator, an obvious but often overlooked approach; and the most powerful resource: attention. Potter reminds the reader that as a manager, you provide valuable attention at no cost to the company, and a well-timed encouraging nod or public praise can be highly motivating. Chapters are devoted to such topics as "The Issue of Control," "Intervention Strategies," and "Managing Others by Managing Yourself." Charts and tables help the manager - seasoned or novice - track results.