Clicking Through: A Survival Guide for Bringing Your Company Online

Clicking Through: A Survival Guide for Bringing Your Company Online

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"Clicking Through" opens up cyberspace opportunities for entrepreneurs in a practical, how-to guide. The Internet presents a new universe of opportunities for businesses of every size, but the upside *and* the risk is magnified for smaller companies--because they have more at stake. Most big businesses have armies of experts maneuvering the logistics of high-tech Web sites, Internet distribution, and marketing initiatives. In the meantime, smaller companies are still trying to decide whether to take the plunge--unsure how to go about it.

In "Clicking Through," Jonathan Ezor, an expert at optimizing Internet business, coaches small business owners and managers for online success. This book goes far beyond the basics. It is the ultimate practical resource for entrepreneurs who are ready to expand and profit from the Internet revolution--without falling victim to potential pitfalls or legal liability. "Clicking Through" offers clear guidance on how to develop an overall Internet strategy: linking toother sites to foster greater e-commerce, handling copyright and privacy issues, protecting ownership of content, successfully contracting with vendors, mastering the rules of e-commerce, and much more. With all that's at stake on the Internet, business owners can't afford to be uninformed about the risks--and opportunities--that await them in cyberspace.

Informs entrepreneurs about:

* Contracting with technical and creative vendors

* The dos and don'ts of e-commerce

* Web site content and copyright issues

* Avoiding Internet-related liability

* Implementing an online strategy

* Plus: useful case studies highlighting real company situations