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Plan or Die! : 101 Keys to Organizational Success

Plan or Die! : 101 Keys to Organizational Success

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This book explodes the myth that simply coping with unexpected change is effective for the long-term health of an organization. Through a series of parables that illustrate how things are not always as they appear, Plan or Die! clearly shows you why today's most successful organizations are those that are actively involved in creating their own future. "[Plan or Die!] provides a highly flexible but very functional road map for firms which need to develop their own planning process."
--Thomas W. Morgan, president, Hartson Medical Services

    Examine the keys critical to shaping your organization's future:

  • Basing decisions on values
  • Having a shared vision
  • Promoting risk taking
  • Encouraging innovation and flexibility
  • Maintaining a market focus
Learn how the proven Applied Strategic Planning model can work for you. Take part in your organization's future success right now!